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Originally Posted by vrosa View Post
I guess I will have to browse some more. I tried adding some supplement to his meal but it got to a point that he always expected something to be added extra, and if it was not he wouldnt touch it..It even got so ridiculous that I would have to stir a spoon in his bowl to make him think he was getting something extra, but he grew past that stage and knows better now
HAHA! Not funny but I have so been there.... I've also had them pick out the good stuff and leave every single piece of kibble. I've tried raw egg a few times, that worked quite well because it's more of a liquid. She tipped the bowl and licked all the egg off the bottom.....

Someone will chime in here with some better ideas I'm sure. We had some trouble every time we let my parents dog sit for us. No matter how ugly I got about it, it never made any difference but at least I knew they weren't being neglected.
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