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Exclamation Randomly hates his food

I have an 8 month old male, and he has been on the same Kibble since he was born. I split his food portions into two meals, only allowing the food to be out for 10 minutes, and if he pays it no mind, I pick it up and wait until its time for his next meal. He has been really good at eating when its time, but all of a sudden he has no interest in his kibble. I thought something was wrong with him but he will gladly eat treats, or try to sneak human food which leads me to think that he is just being picky.

I did leave him with someone for a week when I went on vacation, and Im wondering if they fed him table scraps because there is also extensive 'whining' and 'stalking' when my family eats dinner. I asked my vet and she suggested doing the ten minute rule like normal even if he doesn't touch his food for days. Ive even tried making meal times 'exciting' but hes not stupid LOL. I guess I am looking for a second opinion here.
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