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Default Task Ideas for PTSD - SDIT

Greetings Friends

What would you consider some 'tasks' or 'chores' that a PTSD Service Dog would perform to aid it's handler? At home? School? Work? Stores? Medical offices? Public Transportation? Therapy sessions?

I've been around a few groups that aid those diagnosed with the disorder - however 95% of the attendees are from the military, which in most cases I can't even relate or socialize with anyone because my case is severely different from theirs. (Domestic Violence/Sexual & Psychological Abuse/Multiple Near Death Experiences)

So what would you recommend? I'm in constant state of nervousness, worry, and anxiety; panic attacks daily, faint, dizzy, spacey, and 'out of it' often. Since I hold in my air when I breathe (quick and shallow breaths) it's hard to relax when my shoulders nearly touch my ears. Maintaining a dietary, sleep, and exercise schedule is just so difficult for me - thinking straight isn't easy let alone in peace.

Just imagine a GSD constantly hunched back in fear.

That's pretty much me.

Any suggestions? I would love to hear your advice.

My Warm Thanks <3
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