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Default When Does No Mean NO?

Greetings Friends

I am in quite the pickle, and I'm hoping to get some advice from anyone who's been in this sort of position.

When you train your dog, how do you let them know in any way that you're serious? I've been able to tell that my dog - let alone everyone around me - doesn't respect me let alone take me serious when I say 'no.' It's like a magnetism to my aura, I just can't seem to draw the line and keep it there.

Now, it's effecting my dogs behavior and our training sessions, and I can't tell what I'm doing wrong or how I'm doing it. I just know I'm not doing something right. I can't get anyone to respect my boundaries when I say no, they can not pet my dog. Or no, he is working you may not (touch talk or eye contact) with him.

So, what would you do? If the people in your house did not adhere to your training rules with your dog? Or kept trying to pet and cuddle and distract while trying to train? And even if they do it out of spite, in what way would you hold your ground?

I need to know, I can't live another day being a push over, let alone being literally pushed over by my pup.

My Warm Thanks <3
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