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Default May lose a pet tomorrow (non gsd)

I don't know where else to post this, but I am upset and felt like putting it down in words somewhere.

I got a male veiled chameleon in October, his namme is Pickle. He's grown like a weed in just two months and has been a fat, healthy chameleon the whole time. I left this morning for Christmas shopping amd was gone all day, and when I got home this evening had found that he had fallen from his branch perch into his water shallow tray (what catches water from his dripper). I have no idea when he fell in, he could have been in all day. It's a very tall mesh cage, so he severely injured his legs in the fall.

Now my healthy chameleon has been rendered completely immobile.

I have made him as comfortable as possible for the night and will be taking him to the vet early in the morning. I am fully expecting for him to have to be put down, as I can't imagine there is anything they can do for his fragile little legs.

I feel so awful, and I am dreading the vet trip. I've not even had him three months, and he has been so amazing.

Also, I'm sorry if the image is too large, I am on mobile and have never uploaded an image like this before. But that is Pickle from me getting him at two months, and then two months later.

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