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Default Three toes missing, what should I know?

Hello, we have a 1 1/2 year old named Kai. When he was born, his mother bit off 3 of his toes. Now when we first got him for the first 5/6 months he was fine and it wasn't bothering him but now that he is older it is. Almost every time I take him outside so he can go run, he will come back with it bleeding and cuts it on something. Kai is walking with a limp and after so much running he will just hold his foot up more. He never wants anyone to touch it and I will rub it a littler for him very soft and he is ok with that. I want to know what to expect when he gets older? Is there anything out there that will help him, we have looked into getting him a boot for support but want to know if that's the best or only option? We took him and got it looked at and the options they gave me were, cut his foot off because it will hurt later or get a boot that will help a little. Has anyone out there had this issue? What should we do that would be best for Kai?
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