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Cool scaly skin and fur missing

He has had these patches of rough skin and missing fur on his elbows for a while. When I went to the vet a few weeks ago I forgot to mention it and she didn't say anything about it.
I tried treating it with cortizone cream and it seems to help. The fur grew back. It used to be worse than in the picture. On the other side I can't find the any signs of it.
The missing fur on his leg appeared one day after he stepped in his poop, so we thought he was biting at his leg too much, since that was the leg that he stepped into it with.
He has a few rough patches on his underside but the cortizone seems to help that too.

Any ideas of what it could be or what to do.
I'm thinking of going to a different vet next time, since I think she should have noticed it, even if I forgot to tell her.
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