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The law treats indications by cadaver dogs differently than drug and bomb dogs and cadaver dogs cannot be used to secure a warrant less search. Cadaver dogs cannot even search an area for a body or evidence without permission of the property owner or a warrant. Permission to search an area is presumed for live find dogs since it is an emergency and a life may be at stake...though a live find dog indication on a house cannot secure access to the inside of that house without permission/warrant.

That said, the article was controversial when it came out but I am not the one with the expertise to provide the rebuttal arguments. That is because, as a cadaver dog handler, I rely on the police to deploy us and they are responsible for the issues of permission/deployment.

I can say that that false indication issues are focused on in training with the intent of NOT generating false positives and good handlers track them in their records (I know Beau runs about 2% false alert rate, and 94% correct alert rate - no dog is 100%, just as human eyes are not 100%). Typically, you will fail a certification test if you have an incorrect response. I know with NAPWDA cadaver certification, out of 12 hides you can make one mistake. Period. That is either one miss or one false alert and if you miss, you fail the whole thing.

That said there are training approaches, such as "double blind" testing where neither the handler nor the evaluator know where the hides are until after the exercise is ensure cues by the evaluator do not impact either the handler or the dog.

As far as the legality, it has been upheld by the supreme court on repeated occasions and has been deemed constitutional. Searching the outside of someone's car in a public space is legal. Searching the outside of a home on private property is not. If you have an issue, I think rather than managing it on the forum, you need to take it to your elected representatives.

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