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GSD's are very easy to train because they're so smart and versatile.
i don't find anything hard or difficult about training and rasing a GSD.
don't exspect a lot from a 4 month old pup.

[QUOTE=macy;4711146]Thanks everyone. She is in puppy classes right now, she has her last class after the holidays but we have signed her up for the next stage of classes as well. The trainer talks to us about potentially doing some one-on-one training as well, where she could come to us and see how Macy acts 'in the real world' and hopefully help with the aggression.
I guess I should clarify... We still take her on walks, just not down a path as we were before. It seems to trigger her if we are walking directly past people on a path/sidewalk so I am trying to work back up to that, getting her used to further distances from people walking by for now. She is never aggressive to people in any other circumstances - just when walking past them on a narrow path/sidewalk.
We take her to a park (not a dog park) every day for about an hour and walk her on leash for a while and then let her off leash to run around and play.
The training in terms of tricks is going well, she is great at sit, down, stand, stay, come and off.

>>>>> I guess I just have to keep in mind she will be a lot more work than other breeds...<<<<<
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