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HI we have an almost 2 year old GSD. Her past hx is that her littermate died from kidney failure at 5 months old. They said it was some sort of dog treat given, but to be on the safe side we took he into the vet and had her kidney levels checked. Sure enough.....they were borderline high. Put her on the kidney diet dog food and 6 months later rechecked and they were still the same but since she has not had any issues, the vet said just keep an eye on her.
A few weeks ago she vomited and was having diarrhea/lethargic and not eating. I took her in and they did a urine sample and I paid extra to have it sent out. Again I was told, kidney concentration was on the higher end and we needed to watch her. A few white blood cells were also present, so she got an antibiotic and a script for gastrointestinal royal canine soft food. She also had a slight bit of blood in her stool the day of the vet visit and vet said watch it, but it was probably from her stomach upset. After a few days stools and eating was back to normal.

Then Friday she started back with the diarrhea again....first one time then every couple hours with an accident in the house when I was at work. No vomiting or lethargy this time normal activity and drinking of fluids/urinating.....but yesterday small amt of blood in her stool again and it is kinda mucous like. I gave her more of the can script food and she is eating normal and today stools are soft, but not runny. However, the last time I took her out there was a blood about a nickel size in it again. Then about 20 min ago I took her to play for a bit at the dog park. She ran pretty hard and I noticed her right side of her leg was "giving out". Not that she was dizzy, but it looked like she was slipping every once in a while.
I am wondering if she pulled a muscle or if this is related to the other issues she has been having. She is not crying out in pain or anything and I brought her home to rest. I called the vet and they will not see me today. Any advice? Should I be taking her to an emergency vet or wait until I can get an appt. Is 2 years old too young to be having hip problems? Any advice is appreciated.:confuse d:
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