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Unhappy Puppy won't go on walks. :(

I own two puppies; both siblings (I wished my parents only bought ONE pup - it is chaos) and almost 6 months old (They are being neutered next week). They are pretty strong and are in the 50 lb range.

One of them is hazel-colored, and his name is Scruffy.

The other is black, and his name is Toffee (my parents bought these puppies for my sisters whom named them and then didn't care about them and left them to me).

My family - parents, and sisters - don't exactly care about the dogs when it comes down to certain things like exercising them. So no help from them!

Scruffy is really good on walks; only problem is that when it's time to go home he runs and drags me. I let it slide because I guess he's excited to play with his brother, Toffee.

Toffee is driving me insane. Every day I always tried to walk him but he wouldn't go past our house. So I put him back in the house (I know, giving up was bad) and didn't walk him for weeks (I felt guilty but then when I keep trying he won't let me).

My mom said the two puppies would exercise each other while I was at school, so walking Toffee wouldn't matter much. I felt so dumb listening to her because right now Toffee is fat.

I could feel Scruffy's ribs perfectly with no effort. They both get fed the same thing, so I'm not starving him. But with Toffee....

I felt an extremely thick layer covering his ribs and can't feel an individual rib bone. I'd have to add pressure to at least feel some bones. His stomach is sagging!!!! When I look at Scruffy then Toffee, it pains me so much!!!! Toffee is smaller than Scruffy and they practically weigh the same; it's like looking at an 80 lb teenager and an 80 lb infant!

I've researched and tried methods but I guess I wasn't trying hard enough.

Today I've tried again.

I put the leash on Toffee, and in my mind, I really believed that I could walk him today. I was hopeful, excited, but I remained calm because I knew I had to be patient.
Once we walked to the end of our house sidewalk, Toffee would pull and jump and whine, try to pry out of my grasp to be back to our property - like every time. This time, I didn't give up! Yet!

I stood still so he couldn't go back. In an excited voice I called to him and said, "Come on! Let's go, boy!"

He plopped his furry butt down in the ground and ordered jesus to keep him on our lawn.

I had treats with me because I know he likes treats! I try to lure him but he catches on and doesn't accept treats anymore - even when it's up in his face.

I tried again: gone back to the house, got him outside, and every time he followed me a bit further out I would treat him. When I thought we were doing great he threw another tantrum and won't come.

I tried the silky leash method - loosen a slightly tight leash and give a reward because the leash is loose. Nope. He won't get it.

By the end of the "Session" I was extremely frustrated and I could just cry. If I can't walk this dog he's going to be super overweight and he won't be happy!!!!!!

Sometimes at night I would bring him outside to run and chase me so he could get some exercise, but I'm not that fit and we never run for too long.

He doesn't retrieve items (even when I tried to teach him), but if he could I would be overly pleased because then I could just throw a ball and he runs while I sit and sip some iced cold water.

I'm sorry if this is really long and boring (and offtopic sometimes) but please, if you could give me advice or help fix this devastating problem of mine it would help so much!!! I would be so happy!!! I tried to walk both the dogs together but there are so many problems - one goes in one direction, one goes the other; twisting and tying me up with leashes, they keep trying to chase each other and play WHILE I'm HOLDING the leash (my arms...ow), and so much more.

Please.... please help me.
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