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Default Feeling overwhelmed ( 4 m old and so much work)

Feeling totally overwhelmed with Macy lately. I guess I just wasn't even thinking that our puppy could be aggressive when were deciding to get a puppy and now it just gets me feeling so down when I see her act aggressive. I can't take her on walks anymore because she is lunging/growling at people. She frequently gets 'time outs' in puppy class during play time for playing too rough (growling). I'm currently at my parents house for a few weeks for the holidays, they have a lab/border collie puppy the same age as Macy (4 months) and the two just cannot get along. Sometimes they're fine, but there are frequent vicious fights... So at this point I'm just not letting them be alone together anymore because I don't know what else to do.
Add on top of this her being pretty vocal (especially compared to my parents puppy and dog who never bark), and the 'regular' puppy behaviour like getting into everything. I just feel so overwhelmed some days. I feel like it's my fault because I got her from a BYB and I think she is a bit nervy. This is my first GSD, which I should have spent more time researching... I spend a fair bit of time training her every day, while my parents rarely spend time training their puppy, but it feels like he is so much better behaved.
I will admit, Macy is pretty good with her tricks, but just her 'manners' and aggression is getting me down. Had to rant...

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