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Default Fading out the foot target?

Just for fun and because I admire the way the finished product looks, I've been training perch work with both my boys. I'll probably never use it in any venues, just for me and to keep them busy!

Both pups are doing good with it, Dude is further advanced. I started them at the same time but Ivan is so over the top it took him longer to get it lol. He is still doing circles on the perch. If I step into him, he leaves the perch but I think he will get it with a little maturity, I'm in no hurry.

The question I have is with Dude. He totally gets it as long as he has a foot target. I'm using the commands heel for left side and close for right side. He's 100% on the commands. We have transitioned from a 6 in stool, to a couple inch book, and now we are to a piece of newspaper.

I toss his treat away in different directions and he has no trouble with "finding" heel or close. He's 100%, until I take the foot target away. I am careful to stay in the same place the foot target has been. He just looks at me like I'm crazy and offers every other behavior he knows lol!

He plays dead, he takes a bow, he spins, he speaks, he will even offer a behavior he came up with on his own, he sits directly behind me.

Besides keeping at it and being patient, any suggestions on how to fade out that foot target?
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