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Question Could it be a bad batch of food?

I have never had this many dogs sick at one time and the only common thing is the food I decided a couple weeks ago that Midnite needed to go on a diet, so I am mixing Fromms Whitefish and Potatoe with there Weight Management food, mostly weight management food in the mix. First the golden got sick, throwing up undigested food and icky poop. I spent hundreds on him with no answers except his stomach is irritated and he is still not completely better. The golden puppy has also thrown up undigested food. Just today my oldest threw up a whole bunch of undigested food. Oddly the food that is coming up that I see is the whitefish, but it didn't start until a few days after the other food was mixed in. My oldest NEVER throws up, her nickname is tank. The Shepherds are doing okay so far. None of them are eating as much, they are just picking. Then there is the foster dog that loves the whitefish and gets only that, doesn't pick at it and no puking or icky poop. Fromm is closed today and I'm waiting for the place I bought it at to open. Should I just bring back the weight management stuff and stick with the whitefish? What I don't like is that the goldens liver values were elevated and the vet questioned toxins.could there be something in the food?
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