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I have some concerns about whether or not this is a political post but am asking another.

In regards to detection work. Like anything else there is bad and good out there. The Supreme court has consistently asserted the use of a dog to sniff the outside of a vehicle and secure a warrant less search if they indicate.

Many good departments and states require routine certification and records to demonstrate proper rates of correct response. Had you gone to court, a defense attorney would be looking for this information.

To some extent it sounds like you may have given the police some reason to use the dog by your demeanor. My response to any police officer, even with only peach fuzz on his face (if a man) is yes sir/no sir (or ma'am). I figure they are probably a bit edgy as every stop is a chance of being shot or killed for them.

But if you feel it was unjust, most of them have cameras on their cars and I would escalate the issue.

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