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Default Cats n Aggressive Big Dogs

It's been a while since i've been on here or have asked for any assistance but would like to get some input on Thor's behavior, he's never shown any aggression towards any person or children, but when it comes to cats, squirrels or big dogs it's a different story, when he turned one yrs. old I stopped taking him to the dog parks due to a couple of fights, he's now three yrs. old n I take him hiking n let him of the leach so he could run the trails n get his exercise, the unthinkable happened a lady was jogging and had her dog of his leach also and as they were crossing each other her dog growled at Thor, so Thor went on attack mode and went aggressively at her dog, it took me to put my hand around his collar n my other hand by his snout for Thor to release her dog, my son n nephew were with me n were traumatized n seemed to have been disappointed with Thor needles to say I put Thor back on his leach n continued on our hiking, he has always been of leach when we've been hiking he loves to run and chase the deer but always returns when I whistle for him to get back, this was the first time we've encountered another dog on the trails so now i'm concerned about taking him hiking n taking him of his leach, my second concern are the cats in our neighborhood, Thor has always lived inside our house sleeps on the floor next to my bed, follows me all over the house n will lay under the table when i'm having dinner, he follows me everywhere I go, but for some reason he's never liked cats or kittens. He's actually gotten out of the house and has stalked n chased them under cars even under trucks, he's actually dug out a few from under trucks n seems to be a game for him he pounces on them, shakes them in his mouth toss's them up in the air and then catches them when I try to get him to drop them he runs away with them in his jaws, once he's killed them he brings them back into our back yard as to show me. I don't know what ever triggered it or where it came from, so any input would really help. He's really a gentle GIANT other then when he's encountered BIG dogs or cats. Thanks for reading and your input will be appreciated.
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