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Default cops using k9's to search cars (edited) is unconstituational

how is it that a cop can search a car just because a dog "alerts" to drugs? to me thats giving a cop extraordinary power and basically craps all over our 4th amendment rights. any officer can cue his dog to alert to drugs that arent there. our rights are basically dependent on a dog who doesnt know any better and is basically searching in hopes of a reward/ball. its not the dogs fault but i hate the fact that cops can use a dog to immensely abuse their power.

if a bomb dog in iraq has a bunch of false positive thats fine as long as its also indicating on all the real positives. its job is to find any signs of a threat. but police dogs indicate false positives ALL THE TIME and can easily be cued to indicate. a cop can literally search any vehicle he so well chooses just by making the dog indicate a false positive. how the heck is that legal?

and yes tonight my friends car got pulled over and the cop wasted an hour and 30 minutes of our time because his ego couldnt take him being wrong. there were no drugs to be found. we dont even smoke cigerettes much less do any sort of drugs. to me using a drug dog as a REASON to search a car is as illegal as it gets.
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