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Food the puppy has tried and results:

1. Royal Canin: that was what the breeder told us. Don't know much about it. The first poop he made was ok, healthy, i think.

2. Affinity Baby Protect: puppy ate just a little bit. Way too little.

Some treats: He loved them!!! Maybe be we gave him too many andhe got diahrrea. We remove them and only feed him kibbles from affinity but he didn't eat them. We went to the vet.

3. Canned Food Science Diet mixed with kibbles. He won't eat it!

4. Canned Food Science Diet mixed with kibbles and warm water: he drank the water.

Affinity Advance Puppy Treats: he loved them to death! Diahrrea again and back to the vet.

5. Special Canned Food for Diahrrea from Science Diet (SCFDSD): puppy loved it and ate it! But we can't feed him with this forever.

6. SCFDSD mixed with kibbles: puppy ate the canned food and forgot the kibbles.

First Vaccinations and welcome present from the vet: free bag of Science Diet dry food for larg breed puppies!

7. Affinity dry food: nothing.

8. Science Diet Kibbles: liked them, but didnt eat enough.

9. Affinity kibbles mixed with Science Diet kibbles: didn't eat much, only the Science Diet ones.

We're trying here to make him like the affinity kibbles since we've got him 15kg of it!! The free bag of Science Diet brings only 0.7kg.

During the vaccination, the vet suggested the boiled chiken breast if the puppy still refuses to eat, so...

8. Boiled Chiken Breats: puppy went complety crazy! He ate 0.5g of it in one day! But he still hates the affinity kibbles and only eats tiny amunts of Science Diet kibbles.
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