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Unhappy Changed my mind....not so lucky!

Those little brats! Those thieving, remorseless, SNEAKY ungrateful Pipsqueaks. I'm take a nap after writing a post talking about how wonderful they are and while I'm sleeping they stole my PIZZA. My WHOLE PIZZA! That was MY dinner and I bought it at the best pizzeria in town and put it well out of reach (I suspect a conspiracy involving the cat) and they knocked it to the floor and ate it ALL. Then those little ingrates have the nerve to paw me awake a few minutes ago and demand dinner.

I Take it back: I am NOT Lucky and they are all, all, ALL going on a diet of Ole Roy starting tomorrow.

bad dogs! BAD BAD DOGS!

My furs are not in storage, nor draped across the bed. They're peering out the kennel door just waiting to be fed.
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