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Unhappy 8.5w puppy weighs 5 pounds!

Hi, Django is my new male german shepherd! I don't know much about dogs. He is my very first puppy!! So I readed a lot! ...and I found the unfamous growth charts!

He weights like a 2 weeks old puppy or even less!! This is not possible. Maybe he is not as older as the breeder told us. We got him on december 5th. On december, 10th his weigh was 1.8kgs and today it was 2.25kg.

Since we got him, he hasn't eat much. The vet said it was because we changed the brand of the dog fry food (from royal canin to affinity baby protect). The truth is that our puppy would rather starve to death before eating the dry food. He even ate his own poop!

We have being experimenting with different brands and types of food to get our puppy to eat. But we only got him a very disgusting diahrrea with every change. Now we are trying boiled chiken breast. The vet said it would open his apettite. And it worked amazingly!! But he still has the diahrrea, and he still won't eat the dry food.

I susppect that the breeder may have lied to us, so he could send us the puppy. I am very worried. I don't want to ruin his growth by not feeding him correctly. But I don't wan't to change his food again. I'm afraid he continues having diahrrea. I think that could stop him from gaining weigh. Or even worst, it could make him lose some.

How can I tell how old is my puppy without considering the weigh? I'll be glad to offer more information if needed, or pictures!


Pd. I can feel his ribs. But I can't tell is they feel sharp or normal.
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