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Default Any Suggestions Appreciated

I recently got engaged and with my husband to be I acquired a 16month old German Shepard Lab cross puppy. He is the sweetest and kindest dog ever and he uses it to his advantage against his "dad" who has never trained an animal before. Cola is too smart for his own good, he can let himself out of kennels, reach on the counters and nearly knock you over when you come in the door. I have managed to teach him that jumping up is not acceptable, but other than that he is just a brat. If you put him in his kennel before you leave the house, he will be roaming free when you return. I am told he never used to wreck anything when left alone, but now he has taken to ripping up carpet, shredding pillows, blankets and everything else. He has moved houses twice in the past six months and I think that has affected him and that he may have developed some separation anxiety, but I have no idea what to do to help. Google answers are only so helpful and most are slightly impossible - I cannot take the dog to work with me.

Please help

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