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Default Puppy afraid of Leash

So Titan is our first puppy that we've both had of our own.... I've been around dogs, especially GSDs, my whole life but they were always my mothers and she handled training and such. Well this morning I attempted to put a leash on Titan for the first time and he was very very SCARED. He cried and hid and was just not having anything to do with it. He is only about 10 weeks old and it may be my fault that i haven't tried to introduce a leash to him sooner... anyways...has this happened to anyone? any suggestions that might help me get him used to a leash and eventually even like it? I want to be able to take him with me on walks, to the park, on trips etc.. but i need him to be able to see a leash without freaking out. Any advice would be great!! thanks!!

Titan October 18, 2013
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