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Default "What is a responsible breeder" TV show?

I got to thinking, we get SO many people posting here asking the same question:

"What is a responsible breeder?" "How do you find a responsible breeder?" "What is a BYB?"

I know there are lots of websites that have good information on this, but how do you reach people that don't use the internet, or don't know how to sort through the hype? Or don't even know there's a difference? Or never even thought about it?

We should make a TV documentary on this subject. Sure it would be controversial, that's what makes good TV.

It seems like it should have been done already, but I can't recall seeing anything on TV that specifically relates to canine breeding practices. There's that "show dogs exposed" video that's been floating around the internet, and there's a fluffy "breed all about it" show on Animal Planet or something, but nothing with information about how to find an ethical breeder.

Of course, it's a slippery slope from there to breeder-based reality shows. [shudder]
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