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Originally Posted by Sri View Post
True. I saw the sale, I am reluctant though. I don't like their terms, you can use the link just once, which means you are allowed one download. If something happens to that file or my disk, I am without the video.

Besides, I prefer to watch it on TV rather than at my desk.
You can use the view link more than once. The videos I have purchased have a limit of 5 years viewing.

From Leerburg On Demand | Frequently Asked Questions

"How long will I have access to my Pay Per View video?
Once you enter your payment information and your card is approved, you can begin watching your video immediately. We are now offering a rental period of five years for all of our videos, and there is no limit to how many times you can watch them. You will be able to view the video up until midnight of the last day in your rental period. You will receive an email confirmation when you first purchase the video that will include the last day it will be available for you to watch."
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