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Default Better ideas on bathing an eighty pound boy?

Hi, me again.
So I took Phoenix to the vet for his skin allergies, and I was given Malaseb shampoo, which I have used before, and worked wonders for him last time. However, as it is December, I can't exactly take him outside and hose him down, and we only have a small shower stall that I wrestle him into. Once he is in the shower, I tell him to sit-stay, and he is very good (though NOT happy!) but the shower head doesn't cover him nearly as well as I want it to, and makes it hard to get all the shampoo off. Lucky for me, he isn't a BIG shepherd, but he is big enough! He doesn't weigh that much less than I do!
A family friend works at a nearby animal shelter and lets me bathe him there in the dog sink, but the drive there is about twenty minutes, and the gas is a problem. I am going to jump on every opportunity I have to take him there, but he is supposed to be washed with the Malaseb regularly, and I can't just keep driving back and forth, especially as we have a big gas-guzzler. The shower will work if there are no other ways, but I thought I would ask here if anyone has had to do something similar and had any ideas.
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