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Default Severe Itchiness that BAFFLES vet

My GSD Panzer has been battling some form of allergies or skin disorder since a young pup. I've spent thousands of dollars on tests and medication and nothing seems to be working.

His skin is almost always red and irritated, and often takes on a black scaly texture in certain areas. He rubs his face constantly on the furniture to the point where the poor thing bleeds! He's itched off his belly and underarm and neck hair.

This usually goes away for a little while with a string of prednisone and antibiotics but fairly shortly after he's taken off it he gets another flare up.

I submitted his blood for allergy testing from Spectra Labs and they determined he's allergic to almost everything. Potatoes, Peas, Pork, fleas, house flies, nuts, certain trees, grass, and much more. His ears are constantly bothering him and get some sort of yeasty build up. I try to control it with the use of KetFlush which was provided by the vet.

To attempt to alleviate his symptoms he has been taking regular homeopathic allergen injection shots but they don't seem very effective, even now as he approaches the highest dosage concentration.

We also changed his dog food to one that doesn't contain any known allergens, and give him ONLY fresh spring water to drink. I'm at a complete loss here. He's been previously treated for allergy flare ups with prednisone and also the yeast with special shampoos and pills.

They checked him for mites with a sample under a microscope, and was told they didn't find anything. They also examined him for fleas and said he was clear.

I just want him to be healthy and happy. He's almost 2 years old and I've had to stop his training due to his health issues and I also have to walk him on pavement and avoid dog parks for fear the allergens will cause a flare up.

Please help. I've run out of idea's to try, and I'm still no closer to understanding what's wrong with my dog. Any insights or ideas?
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