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Default 10 Month old Puppy Not eating Alot

We just got a 10 month old GSD puppy. He is a little small to me only waying 55lbs. We purchased a quality food and i have noticed he doesnt eat that much and doesnt act as hiper as I would think a 10 month old puppy would be. He is a very good dog but spends alot of time laying around. I started to track how much he was eating and I put 2 cups of food in his bowl. 24 hours later and he may of ate half of it. I havent taken him to the vet yet but think that maybe the best thing to do. The family we got him from said that he was up to date on all shots and no worms, but who knows. To me he acts like a 2 year old dog and not a 10 month old. I also tried satin balls for 3 or 4 days which he loved, but seemed to give him stomach issues. I walk him 3 times a day and take him for a good run in a field once a day if possible. He some times doesnt have a bow movement everyday although that maybe normal im not sure.

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