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Question Rimadyl or Deramaxx?

So Ziva (9.5 mo. old) had a pretty hard skid out playing with the hubby a few days ago. We checked her over and she seems ok, just moved a bit slower for the evening. Next day she seemed fine. But then she started to limp ever so slightly. One our walk yesterday the limp got noticeably worse, but not so that she couldn't continue. She still wanted to chase the squirrels and play/jump in the water. She would run. Last night during the night she got sick and vomited bile. I noticed she was limping more and seemed a bit whiny. So, off to the vet.
Vet said it could just be soft tissue or Pano. Vet wanted to give her Rimadyl for a week and reduced activity to see if she improved (if not, x-rays). I have had senior arthritic dogs (1 with HD) on Rimadyl in the past and had issues with liver and kidney function. I said I wasn't a fan and she said ok and offered Deramaxx. She said she preferred it. Little did I know it was soooo expensive.
My question is: Does anyone have experience with both and do you feel Deramaxx is safer/better than Rimadyl. Or in the future should I save myself a lot of money and go with Rimadyl?

I realize I am asking for opinions/personal experiences. And, that ultimately it's my decision. I appreciate any input.
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