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She mentally and here lately have been emotionally draining me cuz she has gotten smart and waits till my back is turned to jump and sometimes she even goes to find our 3yr old to do it and its always for no reason our 3yr old can be playing with her sister lol - really not funny but she now waits till my back is turned or im out of the room so she doesnt get her correction (forced to go back to her place- bed. She kinda gets grounded for a few minutes where shes not allowed to have free roam. Weve tried the ecollar on her and it works with everything else (use the vibration mostly) but she ignores it when being told no jump along with it and it involves our 3yr old.

Sounds weird but i think she needs taught self control in a way but how do you even go about that with a dog lol her on off switch is a short flip between the 2 so it doesnt take much for the off to get flipped to on and at times she can come straight out of a dead sleep n be rearing to go and this is after a hard play and long walk.

I guess feeling pretty defeated by a 4 legged 6mo old lol

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