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Default Gunner my Gunner, Needs THR

Several weeks ago my 5 year old Gunner developed a limp. Visit to the vet and snapped an X-ray. Dr confirmed my worst fear, HD on his left side. His mom and dad had certified good hips. He had always had a strange gait. . . . but never showed and problems or difficulty jumping. Up until the limp appeared he was fine. Took him to the ortho specialist last week for a second look. Same diagnosis. He's scheduled for pre-op workup next week with the THR to be done in mid January. I'm on pins and needles and nervous. My first GSD, Sheba, died at 6 years of age of cancer. We rescued her when she was 18 months from an abusive home, we were only going to foster her long enough to find her a good home, but we fell in love with her right away. I sat on the floor with Sheba on my lap when she passed, tears streaming down my face. Worried about Gunner's surgery. . . . He's never been away from home without me. . .
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