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Default Need desperate help

We have a 6mo old german australian shepard (50% german 50% aussie)

If we keep her at a level 1 calmness she is okay but stubborn to get there and keep calm. Just started to finally get her to play cetch, she goes on multiple daily walks, and everytime her and our silky rockie go out they are allowed to run.

We are an active family, but a calm down to earth active. Adrian even though i am always trying to wear her out both me tally and physically she is still a little spastic. We could be outside from 6am to 5pm and she would run around non stop. Weve had her maybe 2mos and finally 2days ago got her to watch to fetch she shows no interest in anything other the. Running and doing semi herding acts we have to get after her to be easy with rockie sometimes cuz hes so small and she doesnt know when he says hes had enough by hiding from her to stop.

I understand most will feel she is still a pup and i agree to a point. I believe as a smart and responsible owner it is up to you to train obedience and teach manners.

I just dont know what to do here first time i e never been able to get a dog to be relaxed when it no more play mode. Our 3 kids 6,3,1 love her and shes good with them but our 3 yr old wont run and play outside if adrian is out with us. I dont know if its because she is pretty much adrians height or what but she gets targeted as the jumping post or run into post (and weve trained adrian no jump and our 3yr old is the only one she still does it too)

We are afraid of adrian knocking our 3yr old over hard enough to really hurt her and are considering finding her a home that is on a farm or where she can be a working dog or something for all that energy (it makes me said just thinking about it cuz we love her so much already). If anyone can help out with tips etc that would be great as we will try anything if it means we dont have to consider the alternative.

Here is a pic of her

Need desperate help-imageuploadedbypg-free1387594325.801081.jpg

This is when we first got her she has filled out a lot more.

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