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Default Sabo- problems with neutering.

Sabo was neutered last Tuesday. Friday the scrotum and incision looked horrible- inflamed red, swollen and smelly. We went to the vet that did the neutering and they didn't prescribe antibiotics, just gave some different sedatives to keep him calm (that vet said they were irritated from movement).

Saturday went to another vet(our usual vet), He got antibiotics and an NSAID. Follow up was today. Looks MUCH better, but the incision needed to be cleaned out. When the vet was checking it out, Sabo tolerated it for a second and then snapped- it was half hearted and almost a warning snap and snarl. The vet wanted to take him to the back and have it cleaned out, but because he snapped I was worried he'd try to bite! (We've come to this vet before and he loves the people there, shoulda taken him here to be neutered....different thread for that though)

I talked to the vet and they tranquilized him (I was really concerned he'd stress and hurt himself or someone else) and are keeping him over night (not charging me for the over night either).

I feel HORRIBLE. I know neutering is healthier....but I swear, I'm never doing it again. My poor boy has been on lock down for almost a week and a half. Sedatives aren't keeping him down, so he's going NUTS! This is miserable for everyone involved.

I've tried to play tug with him, and use it as a "self control" exercise...stay laying down, get up, game over. I've given him Kong's, bones, sat there and just pet him while talking quietly, given him's all just so horrible!!!!

When they gave him the tranquilizer I almost lost it because all the bad memories of when my last shepherd was put to sleep came flooding back. It was just a nightmare!

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