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Default Help me :) please

Hey everyone,
i'm new to this site and how no idea if i'm posting this in the right area.
I'm a member of YorkieTalk and i was referred here. A little background before i get to my questions. I own a small 3 1/2 lb yorkie, he's almost 5 years old. He goes on long walks daily, my husband and i take him hiking, and i take him to the beach as often as i can. I really really really want a bigger dog to join him in all his activity and i just want one in general. My sister in law had a GSD and he was the sweetest thing ever and i fell in love with him. I've never owned a big dog myself but my husband has so i'll have help when it comes to training.

my questions would be,
1. how have your pups gotten along with (older) small pets?
2. how have your pups gotten along with small pets once they were full grown?
( i know the breed is loyal to their pack ) 3. do you feel comfortable leaving your GSD and small dog alone roaming around the house when you aren't there?
4. Has your full grown GSD ever shown aggression towards the small dog they were raised with?

My Yorkie is a male so i was thinking if i do get a Shepherd, i'd get a Female, just to try and avoid the whole Alpha drama. (I know you're suppose to be Alpha, it just makes me feel more comfortable)
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