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Default does one jeopardize the now or the future?

Recently I just got accepted to be an intern at one of the best marketing firms in my city and it starts in January ( ends in Mayish ). I will be working 2 days out of each week for 6 hrs. I am not sure if this is a paid internship but I have a feeling it isn't. I currently work in construction where my company 'bids' on up incoming commercial projects and it is something where my company needs me there to answer phones and deliver bids ( during bid days, our office ( total of 4 people ) pretty much shuts down to focus on the bid and I am the one who runs the office ).

These bids normally fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays...the days I am scheduled to intern ( very rarely does it fall on any other day of the week ) . My current company is okay with me not being here on days that aren't bid days and the marketing firm is aware that there are bid days ( I just have to give them a weeks notice ) but the problem is that right now, it is looking like my current company will be bidding a job every week or every other there will be a time where I will have to tell one company " Sorry!! Can't be there that day ".

Which leads me to my question: Does one jeopardize the company that pays my bills/food ( the now ) or the marketing firm ( the future as they could hire me after my internship )?
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