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Unhappy Knuckling unable puppy to walk 1month? (URGENT)

I visited 3 vets and nothing helped yet, thus all suggestion would be gladly welcome..

My 3 months female gsd puppy can't walk for around 1 month already.

Summary: No issue with the dog since its birth until it reached around 7 weeks. (It suffered from a gastro for 2 weeks and it was placed on IV)
After recovering it walked(but unable to run) for around 1 week then one day it woke up, the 2 back legs was weak and could not walk (but could sit), the day after, the 2 front legs too got affected and could not even sit. After around 2 weeks, the front legs started to develop a knuckling type : Knuckling Over and HOD - Developmental Orthopedic Disease | GREATDANELADY.COM (like the level 4 one) and it hurts the puppy when try to put it straight!

Genetics: The vet told me its maybe genetics but.. The mother is mine and the father is for a friend, i know the grandparents too and they never got any similar issues.

Treatment used: On the start, the vet started a calcium program, since he told me its a lack of calcium the cause or maybe an injury so we treated those two possibilities. After around 2 weeks when the knuckling started, the vet told me to stop the calcium and we did a blood test. The result revealed that the calcium is okay but the puppy suffered from anemia. To correct the atrophy in the front legs, the vet put a steroid injection in both legs and an iron injection to correct the blood level. But no improvement happened. The actual treatment i am trying is doxicycline, because i found it tick could create an ehrlichiosis which may cause progressive paralysis from back legs to front legs and it could anemia too. The issue is that my puppy never got any ticks, thus i am not very confident about it and also the knuckling part is quite abnormal

What i am thinking is an advanced condition of knuckling over but the vet told me its not case. Do you think its possible guys? Anyway i will try it by my own but in my country we don't have spoon splint, anyone know where i can get it online with worldwide shipping?

My puppy remains in the house and thus walk on tiles, that why i am thinking its knuckling since i just read that the ligaments, muscles and tendons cant develop properly on this kind of surface. Moreover with the fact that my puppy did not eat for 2 weeks because of the gastro..

By the way i give proplan purina to my puppy, do you think i should switch to royal canin? At this moment i'm mixing it with chicken liver since my puppy has anemia too.
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