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Default How can I control my GSD from excessively barking or running towards people?

I have a 8 month old female GSD
She knows her basic commands alright, come, sit, stay and we're working on her commands under distractions. However, I've never been able to get a handle on her barking.

She barks at strangers and people from afar, if they are walking towards us she barks more aggressively and tries to lunge towards them. I understand she's a working/ protective breed, but when I tell her quiet I want her to listen and settle down.

She's actually a very submissive dog, when I take her to the dog park she is the first to roll on her side and get down, but when it comes to people they could be ignoring her walking the other direction even and she goes after them barking.

I've tried things from treats, toys, waking the other way to distract, even a choke chain and still no response.

I've tried to get her excited and make her bark so I can separately teach her when it's okay to speak and when to settle down and be quiet. I can't even make her bark let alone control her to stop.

When I go to the pet stores she barks at staff despite them being gentle and feeding her snacks 2-3 times over.

She is an inside dog, my family would be gathered around the living room and when one person gets up completely minding their own business she barks at them!

Dogs bark, foot whatever reason, I get that. Given her breed and size it can be scary for someone to encounteritI am desperately seeking and helpful advise to correct this ill behavior. Thank you GSD community!
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