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Default Looking for American Show Line Breeder in California

Hi, can anyone please PM me information with reputable breeders or breeders they know from personal experience.

Our 9 year old male long coat American and German blood line mix passed away due to hemangiosarcoma. We still have another 8 year old female and we are looking for a companion for her.

We are looking for a male, preferrably long coat GSD. We would like for him to be calm, lay-back, around 80-90 lbs and doesn't spook easily (we do have a 2 year old niece and do plan to have children in about 2 years). We really would like to get a puppy from a breeder so that we can trace their bloodline and see it grow up.

Budget would be around $1500.

We live near Los Angeles and would be willing to do up to 8 hour drive or so. We do not want to put our new puppy through the stress of being shipped and we would much prefer to meet our puppy and have our current dog meet him first as well.

We are looking for an American show line because we did some research and found that most HAS is diagnosed in German work lines. This disease was very aggressive and we lost our dog very quickly (same day as he was diagnosed). So above all else, we just want a healthy dog that can live pass 10 years (we know health is not guaranteed but hope that the breeder kept in touch with its past liter and know what was their average life span).

And please don't recommend the pound because we already thought about it and decided to go with a breeder.

Thank you everyone in advance. Please PM me with any referrals and I will do more research on the recommended breeders.
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