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Originally Posted by onyx'girl View Post
Trainer should expect to be bitten. It is part of the job description....especially when they show dominant behavior to a dog with some baggage. The trainer set your dog up to fail. I hope you can find an attorney that is versed in bite laws...and that your dog is not held accountable for human stupidity.
This is what my current trainer said, my current trainer is excellent with my dog and wants to rip the guy a new one for putting him in this position KNOWING his history. I stood at the door waiting for him to tell me to come outside and slowly introduce him.

I do have a 500,000 renters insurance that does cover dog bites, so I am guessing I just need to call my insurance carrier.

I am worried animal control is going to come knocking on my door, a friend suggested I may need to have my dog "run away" , for his own good......that breaks my heart.....I do not want to give him up.
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