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Default GSD Bit Trainer....

Hello Everyone, I am in a tough spot. I rescued a beautiful GSD 2 years ago. I knew he was not fond of men and have had him in training. He has come a VERY long WAY, fully off leash trained , recall very good dog, still not fond of most men.

Before I rescued him he was trained by someone who contracts with the rescue. I have not seen this trainer in 2 years. I referred someone I know to this trainer as she was local to his area. The trainer wanted to see me dog again so I agreed to drive down and watch her train her new rescue and have my dog see his old trainer. The old trainer is a male and he was/is well aware of his lack of fondness for men.

I saw the trainer enter the gate and immediately proceeded to the front door, I had my GSD by his Sprenger collar and we were sitting in the doorway. I wanted the trainer to clearly see I was present with my dog. Dog was sitting nicely, had a firm grip.

I was expecting the trainer to ask me to have me step outside and have the dog slow get re-acquainted with him, well thats not what happened, this trainer just walked up to him and started to put his hand out and said "heyyyyyy". I was not expecting him to keep walking towards him and began to say "whooa whooa whooa" before I knew it my GSD lunged forward and bit him in the groin, I immediately pulled him back and he sat down. It was a severe bit. GSD never growled and never barked.

Trainer said "that's exactly what he did before". I was like what? He did this before?????? I never knew he bit anyone in the past and immediately thought if you knew he did this in the past, why the heck did you just walk up to him like that.

This trainer has now hired a lawyer, is going to sue me and reported my GSD to animal control.

I offered to pay his medical bills, but he just said a lawyer will be contacting me.

I do not know what to do. I adopted him 4 months after my last GSD died (who I had for 15 years). I am worried animal control is going to seize him and get a euthanization order.

I know the dog never should have done that, but the trainer has to accept some responsibility here.

Can anyone else chime in on this ?
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