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Well, to be fair, there are things that can cause siezures and death that are neither genetic or in anyway in the control of the breeder.

I don't know where you are from, but snake bite, killer bees, an reaction to a bee sting, a bajillion poisons.

We all want to think that we would replace a dog when someone loses their pet at such a young age, but should we? If someone lets their dog get into some chocolate mulch or antifreeze and loses the puppy, should we put another dog in that situation. If the problem was something genetic, the breeder should provide a replacement. If the problem was something that no one could affect in anyway, like the dog that was chasing bees and was stung in his throat and died. Should the breeder come across? And what if it is something that is accidental on the part of the owner, or malicious by some trespasser by planting poison that your dog would drink. Why should the breeder pay for that?

The necropsy might have given the breeder infrmation about the breeding and problems with it, if there was a genetic problem. And the breeder would have probably offered you a replacement puppy or whatever their contract allowed. But with no necropsy it puts a huge question on why. Why not try to figure how the dog died.

Unfortunately, not everyone is honest. The person whose dog died from chasing bees and getting stung inside its throat. Told the breeder that the dog died of a heart attack and wanted the dog to be replaced. The vet practice was one that she used and the vet tech knew her and her dogs, and told her what a shame it was about the dog getting stung in its throat like that.

So by accident she found out what actually happened to the puppy. The pup owner was certainly trying to get a replacement.
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