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Default Fight :(

Well today the unfortunate happened, the dog i rescued 3 weeks ago was let out like usual into our yard with our Border collie like he usually is everyday, only today i walked by the glass door to see my little BC dexy being shaken and hauled around by the neck by Tyson in what looked to be a full blown attack. So out i went in a panick and TRIED to remove tyson from dexters neck, i dont know tyson that well and i was alone so my only option was to twist up on his collar and lift him off, at this point dexter was yelping like crazy and limp..i pulled tyson all the way acroos the yard by the scruff of the neck and put him in the florida room. Dexter has no punture wounds from what i could see just a little bit of blood and some surface scrapes.Tyson is fine. I yelled at him and put him on his side and i feel terrible about it, when i came back from tending to dex i found him shaking in the corner facing the wall NO i would never and did not hit him. I think he realized that he screwed up. I am not sure who started the fight, i was not around to witness it, i have a feeling that it was something to do with a stick or some random thing they could play with (dexter and tyson are very good at resource guarding) ..i do my best to remove all items like that from the yard but i obviously failed removing stuff today, and frankly my yard is full of trees and shrubs. If i cannot curb this the behaviorist will be contacted, she is on christmas vacay. I feel like a total failure right now. I practice strong leadership in my house BUT i am guilty of being a softy when it comes to snuggles and on the couch and bed type stuff..thats my fault and that all stoped on my part today. Can this be a one off type deal with them? can they bounce back from a fight and get on fine? will they ever be able to be outside alone again? has any one had success dealing with this sort of thing and not have it escalate into insanity and vet bills? i do realize that this sort of thing happens sometimes but tysons a 75 lbs dog dexter 43 on a fat day..i am guessing it may have been serious to a point but if tyson really wanted to finish dex off he could have easily.
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