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Unhappy Could use some help

Man, if itís not one thing itís another. First hereís an update on Ridley; she had an UTI, the vet gave us some antibiotics and she is doing great, back to her crazy self and happy as ever. Well now itís our other dog, Abel. Heís a 3 year old Great Dane that weíve had since he was 8 weeks old, our big, goofy, loving, lap dog. Well about a month ago I noticed he started losing weight, I thought it was because Ridley was keeping him active and playing. So I upped his food an extra half cup every feeding (2 meals a day). After a week he was still losing weight so I upped it again another half a cup a feeding. Another week goes by and heís still losing weight and was sleeping a lot, again I thought it was just because the pups play a lot so we talked about taking him to the vet soon to see whatís going on. Well about 4 days ago Abel started to smell really bad, so we gave him a bath but the smell was still there. It wasnít his fur; it was more this breath or his farts. Now I know dog breath and farts doesnít exactly smell like roses but this smell is different, it almost smells like dead animal. So last night we put all the clues together and were taking him to the vet first thing tomorrow morning. We pretty scared as to what the vet will find. Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem? If you know, donít sugar coat it, I need to know and prepare for what might happen because if worse comes to worse I need to be strong for my wife. Itís our first dog and if itís bad itís gonna hit us both hard.
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