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Who's walking who??

You're in charge and the leader....otherwise the converse is no good at all.

Sometimes the "deep end of the pool" needs a bit of prodding ( and confident leadership) to get one to explore and successfully conquer an oddity of no consequence ...except in our own minds and a dog's as well.

I'd take a different route to get to the same point where Silas "senses" something.....and proceed without blinking or even thinking about it beforehand. And at the very first moment you sense the slightest shift in his behavior ( leading to his reluctance) I'd distract the heck out of him. Or maybe better yet, have your partner go with the two of you and see if that once again makes a difference...and then repeat.

Silas is just a young pup, exploring a world full of new smells, sounds and moving creatures....and you are his Rock of Gibraltar and what a wonderful position to be in, so lead little Silas with confidence and the bond created will last a lifetime.\

Carpe Diem,

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