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Default Skunk Bite?

Last night, I went outside with my dog, and he sort of disappeared into the shadows of my parents' place.

I heard him yelp, and called for him. When he came back, he was rubbing his head all over everything- the ground, trees, walls, whatever was close by.

When he approached me, he smelled….skunky. Not overwhelming like a dog that's been directly sprayed, but, maybe just a little? The odor has lingered throughout the day (We're taking care of that this evening!)

But also, I noticed that when he ran inside and rubbed up against the dishwasher, he left a small streak of blood there. I think he might have been bitten by a skunk?

Now, I can't actually see a bite, but I have a tendency to be paranoid.

I know skunks are very prone to carrying rabies, but Gabe was vaccinated for rabies in June of this year.

…Should I be worried?
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