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Default Acts weird on walks

So I have recently in the last 2 weeks really started to try and walk Silas on leash around the neighborhood and wanted to start with the 1/2 mile block for a couple of months. He does wonderfully with the easy walk harness. He is always super excited to go on the walk and does awesome about 1/4 mile then he will all of a sudden stop as if he is spooked. Not sure spooked is the right word, He does not go crazy or anything like that he just refuses to move and I mean refuses. If I turn and go back the way we came he does great again. Funny too that it happens at about the same spot every time. I have tried going both ways (left or right out of my driveway) He starts looking behind him and smelling the air. At first I was wondering if he senses something not safe or off. But then it happen again the next day and again today. He has successfully walked the half mile block only once and that was when my partner came with us. Today he saw a cat, did not bark but stayed still in the sit position and would not budge unless I bend down at his level he would come love on me.

I am sure this will pass but I also am not going to make him go further than he feels comfortable as I feel like he is telling me something. He was 4 months old on the 7th of December. He is very confident in all situations and when he stops on walks he does not appear to lose confidence but rather seems to sense something, not sure I am explaining it clearly but there ya go.

Anyway not sure I am really asking anything other than if anyone had the same experiences with a pup at his age. When we had Kesler she never had any issues walking but then again I started her a little later.
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