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Exclamation My GSD keeps biting his tail!

Hey guys! It's my first time on this forum but I need help! I have a three and a half year old German Shepherd (Working Dog) Bruno Jackson and the only problem with him is that he keeps biting his tail in few different places. It is in the middle length of his tail and he bites it until it bleeds. It has been going on over a year now and we were at different vets and all they gave us is steroids and antibiotics which never helped at all. I tried different creams and sprays and bandages but he just keeps at it. He is trained daily and walked for 5km every morning and left for a long run on the fields with other dogs during the day too. I noticed that if let's say the postman comes to the door and I go and answer he will run to the room and bite it then but also he lays down in front of us and does it. Please give me your advice because I am now stuck and just don't know how to help him. Whenever we put the bandage on him we try to get his attention onto something else like I hide treats and let him look for them or take him out or something. It doesn't seem like a food allergy because firstly he was on Royal Canin for GSD's and then we changed it onto anti-allergy food which made no difference either.
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