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Default Getting my first dog in 2014, please help me !

hey there everyone~ i'm Pandy : ]

In 2014 I am planning on getting a pup either german shepherd or golden retriever. Currently i'm somewhat leaning on a golden but I am here to find out as much as I can about germans before I make a absolute decision.

I'm someone who takes time and does their research as I have learned my lesson in the past that just because an animal is cute doesn't mean you should get it, which is unfortunately the case with most adoptions or people who choose a dog breed just because they like it. I like border collies but i'm mature enough to admit they are not a perfect match for me or my situation.

I'm searching for a dog of my own that I know will fit in with me, my family and environment. I'm 22 years old and I go to school and work from home. I'm home quite a lot. I don't have any children nor do I plan on any for quite a few years, i'm not married, but I do have a boyfriend and we've been together for six years and live together with his japanese bobtail cat kiwi, kiwi is picky about animals. So it has to be a puppy for this reason. I actually planned on getting an adult dog originally but I know kiwi wouldn't have that. Plus I think this would be a good experience for me as long as I know what i'm getting into first.

I live in southern california so there are lots of adoption events, breeders and people in my area.

I plan to bring the dog to pack walks, training school, the dog beach...various activities that will give him exposure to all types of environments and people from a young age.

What attracts me to shepherds is I like the idea of feeling safe with my dog. And I also like how intelligent they are. I grew up with a border collie and he was super easy to train and pick up on things but his energy level could be quite a handful he was also much smaller only weighing about 50lbs and I enjoy bigger dogs.

I want a dog that has a little bit of everything, just a well balanced dog.

I like how goldens are sociable, people friendly, that they love the water and they are just so loveable!

If any of you happen to have experience with both breeds and could give me your take on them, that would help me out quite a bit! And I would be very grateful and appreciative towards you. Or if you have any other breed suggestions, in the past I considered irish setters or samoyeds but i'm still a bit unsure about them.

Please help me learn all I can so that I may choose the right dog, i'm not a curious person, i'm someone who is actually interested in learning. : D

Sorry for writing a wall there, lol. Thanks for your time I hope to hear from you soon.

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