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+1 for perch work, that's where I would start too.

IMO the biggest tip for success with perch work is to build up a strong foundation where the dog understands that both front feet are supposed to stay on the perch (bowl, book, whatever). A fair number of people don't spend enough time reinforcing that fundamental front-foot placement and it bites them in the butt later when they try to lure or push the dogs around the perch and the dog keeps coming off. So really, really make sure you have that completely down before you start adding movement.

I do a lot of backwards work for hind-end awareness too. This is more on the intermediate-to-advanced end of the spectrum and I would definitely do a ton of perch work first, but once you're through that, some of these exercises might give you additional ideas.

This is an old video, but it shows mat targeting while in reverse so I think it's still useful. The key idea I want to point out with this one is that you can teach your dog to target objects with his back end as well as his front feet (note that Pongu only hits the gray mat with his two hind feet before reversing, and although you can't really see it well given the camera angle, he is [clumsily] targeting his butt as he does the reverse so that he finishes between my legs):

Multi-dog backwards stairs obstacle course!

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