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Default Left circles and hind end awareness

I need some help on improving Jade's hind end awareness.

In training class last night our trainer pointed out that she doesn't seem to be really moving her back feet then we are doing left circles. This causes us to crash into each other and have these huge circles. We talked for a bit about getting Jade to move her back feet more (actually stepping to the side as we turn) and some of the more advanced people in the class demonstrated what it should look like, but due to timing issues we never really got a chance to talk about just how to train that. The the trainer did mention that we need to keep working on our circles, taking smaller and smaller steps as she gets better. We have a few weeks off from class due to the holidays and I really want to work on improving this before we go back to class.

Does anyone have any good tips/tricks for getting a dog to actually move their back feet?
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