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I see people handling like this in USDAA...but I agree even in the relatively short time that I have been involved in the sport (6 years), I have seen this movement toward international style courses/handling. USDAA courses which have always been tight handling and tight on time, are now getting more difficult and more "international" looking. I'm kind of disappointed by this because USDAA already has the Master Challenge classes that are international styled courses! I love USDAA but most of the courses now involve crazy wraps, backside jumps, weird angles, and the flow is getting less and less - not so motivating for a GSD who needs space to pick up speed.
I haven't competed in AKC in years, but had some friends at the invitational last weekend so I checked out the courses - they looked more like USDAA courses. Is AKC starting to incorporate some of the same things or was that more just for the event?
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